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Dollar Bank - Business Center - Corporate Banking Business Financing

Dollar Bank - Business Center - Corporate Banking Business Financing

As your company prospers, you'll need the flexibility to respond to market opportunities by purchasing additional equipment, expanding your facilities or increasing working capital. Your credit needs will change as your business grows, so your overall credit plan should address short-term demands as well as long-term growth.

We prefer to develop a relationship with our customers; therefore, we do ask that your company maintain its operating accounts with us. Our full range of credit and treasury management products will enable you to meet your short-term goals and plan a prosperous future.

Lines of Credit
Line of Credit allows your company to borrow against an established credit limit for short-term working capital. Borrowings are payable on demand, and interest rates are usually tied to the current Prime Rate or LIBOR. A Line of Credit is usually secured by working assets, such as receivables and/or inventory. Lines of Credit are subject to review at least annually.

Revolving Credits
Term Loans
Letters of Credit
Government Loans
International Trade
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